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A Message from the Owner: Drew Staples:

We started South Carolina Shavings Providers, LLC to provide high-quality pine shavings to meet the needs of the equine owner, whether they have one horse or manage large stables and barn operations. We are a family and a veteran-owned company deeply rooted in the equine community; with years of passion and sweat equity serving all disciplines.  

As the owner, I take pride in the product we provide, working to ensure that you, our customer, will be satisfied.  Over the coming years, my objectives for the company are to continue providing you with a reliable source of quality shavings, grow to meet future demands, employ our veterans and get behind those causes we support.

Our Mission :

SC Shavings Providers, LLC offers premium wood shavings products, delivers the highest quality customer experience, and serves as the premier wood shavings company to the equine and agricultural customer; while striving to produce a product that does not compromise on the health of livestock and human handlers. 

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